Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesdays Inspiration...Featured photographer!

Another Wednesday another amazing open feature. Today's feature is more on the moody side, clean and artsy. I love todays images. They are fun, playful and unique. I wont keep you any longer. please take a seat and read a bit about Devon Hall Photographic Arts ENJOY!

 How did you come up with your business name?

-Truly, I could not come up with anything. Using my name seemed the most fitting.

 What brought you to photography?

-I can always remember having a strong interest in photography, especially fashion photography. My University darkroom and having babies most definitely fuelled that interest. 

 What do you like to shoot?

-My favourite subject would be my kids. Next in line maternity forsure.

Who is your favorite muse? 

-My son Lyrik

 What is in your camera bag?

-Canon 5D mark ii. 
-24-70mm 2.8
-50mm 1.4
-80mm 1.8 (borrowed and loving it)
-Lensbaby Composer Pro

 What type of camera bag do you rock?

-A Lowepro bag I received as a gift from my father in law when I was just starting out.

 photoshop or Lightroom?

8. Jpeg or Raw?


 In three words only how would you describe your photography style?

-Engaging, artistic and sensitive come to mind. 

 Top 2 favorite photographers and why?

-That’s a tough one. The first two that come to mind are Annie Leibovitz & Sheye Rosemeyer. Leibovitz for her obvious amazing work within the fashion industry. Rosemeyer for her beautiful talent and raw heart. Entering this line of work, Rosemeyer was the first photographer that really inspired my soul. 

 Favorite season to shoot and why?

-Summer. That magical light.

 what is your non photography related down fall? (example:  chocolate, soda..)

-Sweets……all kinds.

 What is your most embarrassing moment at a shoot to date?

-I can not actually think of one off hand. There has been equipment failure and a couple double booked appointments, however, nothing 
really humiliating. 

 What is your one best piece of advice to give someone just starting out?

-Remember this is your own journey. Stop comparing yourself and create what you love.

 If you weren't photographer what would you be, any dream careers?

-Fashion Designer, hands down.

 What is you goal for photography for the next 3 years?

-Keep learning and growing. My biggest fear as an artist is standing still.

If you would like to keep up with Devon's amazing work please go here;  Devon Hall Photographic Arts Please go show some love. Until next time, XOXO