Monday, March 10, 2014

Inspiration Monday...Featured photographer

Today's feature will make you smile. Her work is bright, colorful and happy. From amazing skies and light to stunning detail shots. Her work is always a pleasure to see. Please take a few minutes to read about Three Flowers Photography

 How did you come up with your business name?

The business is named for my 3 daughters (though most of the time they are anything but delicate little flowers!)

 What brought you to photography?

I’ve always been interested in art and imagery and studied it at college.  I was also the one with a camera at every event!  As with a lot of Mum’s who shoot, I really developed the passion when my girls came along, buying my first DSLR when my second daughter was 2 after a very unimaginative studio shoot. There was no emotion there, it didn’t capture who my children were and I wanted to learn how to do that!

 What do you like to shoot?

Kids, families and most recently weddings too, such an adrenaline buzz!

 who is you favorite muse?

My girls are my favourite muses.  I love that I can capture the small, fleeting moments as they grow.

 What is in your camera bag?

A Nikon d700, 50mm 1.4, 35mm 1.8, 24-70mm 2.8 and an 80-200mm 2.8.

 What type of camera bag do you rock?

I’ve yet to treat myself to a rocking bag so I’m using a mishmash right now depending on what lenses I’m taking out that day!  I have my eye on the mustard “Grace” Jo Totes or maybe something yummy from Epiphanie!  Perhaps Ill drop some big hints before Mothers Day!!

 photoshop or Lightroom?

Photoshop CC.

 Jpeg or Raw?

Raw, without a doubt!

 In three words only how would you describe your photography style?

I’m not great at this kind of thing!  I’d say ‘Deep, vibrant and lively!’

 Top 2 favorite photographers and why?

Gosh thats hard - there are so many photographers that I admire, I seem to have a new ‘Tog Crush’ every week!  But my all time favs are Barb Uil (JinkyArt Photography) just for her ability to bring that awesome imagination to life and Annie Manning (Paint the Moon) as she was really the first photographer I started to follow back in 2009 and her work really did inspire me with shooting style and editing in the beginning.

 Favorite season to shoot and why?

Summer.  I love the late evenings, a long stretch of accessible Golden Hours, the hazy light, the gorgeous summer dresses….so many beautiful opportunities!

 what is your non photography related down fall? (example:  chocolate, soda..)

My vices?!  Chocolate and wine but not always in that order, food in general actuallyl!  My husband is a sensational cook and a real foodie (which is lucky as I’m useless in the kitchen!) and he’s always concocting something yummy!

 What is your most embarrassing moment at a shoot to date?

I don’t recall one really embarrassing moment but I did seem to be covered in the unmentionable a lot last summer after countless shoots in our gorgeous rural countryside!  Photography is NOT glamorous! 

 What is your one best piece of advice to give someone just starting out?

Try and master one aspect at a time - read books, watch tutorials, ask for constructive criticism.  But mainly practice - shoot anything and everything!  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, let your own style grow!

 If you weren't photographer what would you be, any dream careers?

I can honestly say, photography IS my dream career - to have my own business and feel so much passion for it.  I worked for a London accountant before I had my girls but I never felt fulfilled.  I can’t imagine going back to a desk job now!

 What is you goal for photography for the next 3 years?

I just started shooting weddings after being very undecided about covering them.  I’ve been bitten by the wedding bug, such a roller coaster ride!  I’m taking steps to take my business in that direction, I’m attending workshops and assisting amazingly talented UK wedding photographers this year to learn all I can.  Overall Id just to like learn and grow as a photographer.

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