Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I had a choice. it was my choice

           Due to the recent happenings in this industry I feel the need to not only stand up for what is right but also to defend my character. First, when did people become so scared to stand up for what is right and why? I will tell you why. Thieves always turn into the victim and the person with the "facts" turns into the "bully. I will be using that word "fact" an awful lot in this post.

           If you have solid, again here's that word again, "facts" then why should we not stand up for what is right? Facts do not lie. Just an example here. If someone stole your identity and the correct research was done and you have solid facts as to who did it.  You would stand up for your rights, correct? Same thing here. But again so many people are scared of being called the "bully" being bashed, having there name ran through the mud by the "victim" and theirs friends that just believe them with no "facts" and oh maybe scared of losing some fans. Again if people would just look at the proof and see for themselves and stop condoning theft. None of this would be going on. People would stand up!

           SLANDER: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/slande . Again, having the facts is not slander, but spreading around "false" accusations however, is. so when in doubt, check your facts!

           What am I getting at? With what is going on in this industry sickens me. People condone theft and they get away with it. Make money off of honest people's hard work. I will be honest. These past few days. I had a choice. A choice to stand up for what is right or a choice to turn my back on some great friends. Well, the person I am I chose to stand up for what is right. Did I know what the repercussions could possibly be? yes, however I was ready for them. I was ready for people to turn their back on me. To not believe me. To maybe lose some fans. I was ok with that because I was doing something right. I would not have felt ok with myself me as a person if I turned my back on these friends that have been there for me. I also gained some new great friends through all of this. When I see someones lives being pulled out from under them and their hard work being claimed as someone elses. that to me, is not ok. I chose to do this the right way though. I looked at facts. I did not want just word's. I looked, I read, I watched. I felt helpless, I felt sad, mad, angry. watching all this go on with nobody saying a word. I compared side by sides. I formed my own opinion. I saw with my own two eyes because again "facts" don't lie. I compared again and again and again. I watched my name get thrown around. But its ok. I am standing up for what is right. I wont allow someones lively hood to get stolen from them while they sit helpless with fingers pointing at them being called a bully. no, that's not my character. I chose to take a stand. The truth always comes out!

           People that know me know for sure. I do not like confrontation. I don't like having enemies. I don't condone bashing names and most importantly I do not deal with drama. I am not a bully. I simply do not like hurting people, even dishonest people. But I will do what is right. but there is a correct way to do it. check your facts. don't start drama and do not throw names around publicly.

 so, I chose to stand up and do the right thing. will you?



Monday, November 4, 2013

A day in my life. week 1

Thing's have been crazy around here. Between hubby going through changes at work , trying to stay on our feet and just nothing going right. BUT through it all nothing keeps me more sane than camera in hand. Week to week I am going to show you a little of what goes on day to day in the life of the Privizzini's! With 4 little ones it can get crazy. But we love it and wouldn't have it any other way!

We play... A LOT!

and we played some more......

I love nothing more than capturing my kids in their day to day activities just being kids. We also love to make messes to. I have learned through the years to clean up at the end of the day when they are done. I used to run around picking everything up behind them lol ( OCD ) and that got way too stressful. So I have learned to embrace our messes until everyone is finished.  It is ok. I have to tell myself that often.

OOH, by the way, yes I love my babies piggie toes :)

We like to be silly too. We laugh a lot in our home and get silly!

We spend an awful lot of time outside. We love being out in the nature and fresh air. The kids play with their friends and we just hang as a family!

Gavin loves his leaves and sticks. Give him one of those he wont make a peep all day!

lots of walks with dada! We love to walk around outside!

We are trying to suck up and enjoy the last warm days. So why not a little homework outside? 

We even lost a tooth!

We picked apples at the orchards and enjoy a little campfire in the back yard! We love fires. nothing more relaxing than sitting by a campfire with my husband and kids! 

We enjoyed the fire!!!

I like to make sure I have the kids do a quiet time during the day. If I don't they run non stop all day. I try to tell them it is important to have a bit of time in a day just to relax and be alone. either read, just sit and relax, or I don't mind if they even play an educational game on my iphone or their tablets. something to simmer for a little bit. and of course baby Gavin has his nap time. I can not help myself but to snap away every time. he is so precious when he sleeps.

Pauli trying to have some down time and Gavin wouldn't let him. LOL!

Little man is so precious when he sleeps. SIGH!

Sleepy guy!! I am always snapping picture of his little tootsies when he sleeps. I just can not get enough of them.

LOTS of snuggle times. Theses two melt my heart though. Little man loves his dada SO SO much! I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband, best friend, supporter and father for my kids. 

I want to remember these little details forever! How little and soft his hands and feet are. His eye lashes, his soft little hairs on their body, his amazingly soft hair, the positions he sleeps in, the way he walks silly to make everyone laugh! I wish I was a photographer when my other kids were little. I have some pictures but nothing like I would love to have. These little things we tend to forget. I love that I will be able to look back on all of these things. 

The kids were so excited to wear their halloween costumes they played in them the few days before halloween and I could not get them out of them!!

Austin makes a handsome police officer!

star wars clone trooper!!

My little lady bug.

and we can't forget out little pumpkin!!!!!

And then we went trick or treating. We had such a great time. I would have loved to go longer but our little Austin got cranky and tired of walking. YES, our hyper child that never drops got tired first!

We are goofballs and just love to have fun and laugh. My husband is a total kid himself. I tell people I have 5 kids not 4. We love to get dirty and explore. We love to rough house and make jokes. We aren't perfect and our house gets crazy. but we wouldn't have it any other way! 

I hope you enjoyed my first week in my life. This week was a bit long because it is my first post and I had a lot of photos. Well, ok I will be honest. I take a lot of photos every week lol. I can't help myself. So much inspiration around us.

Well, until next week.... Keep smiling!