Monday, December 26, 2011


Merry christmas to all . I hope you all had a fabulous christmas. Since I am one to give I want to give you all a chance to win a free brand new 50mm 1.4 lens you will decide between canon or nikon when you win.

  Rules and how to enter.

Please one entry per household and one entry per person. I really enjoy giving and I will do alot of giveaways. Please play fairly.
Under this post I will have you all just comment how long you have been in photography, what your favorite type of photography is, glamour, newborns, weddings, etc . And why you want to win. Keep them short though because I might have a lot of comments to go through. You have to be a follower on my blog to enter so hit follow and comment away. Also you have to share this on your business page that you entered to win this lens and they should too! If you dont have a business page on facebook please just share this on your main page, thank you. This will go on for 3 weeks. I will post the winner three mondays from now on January 26th at 11:00 pm eastern time. Good luck to all. and dont worry if you dont win there will be lots of great giveaways on my blog this year. Thank you all.
 It is showing a canon lens but you will choose canon or nikon when you win. Thanks and good luck!!!