Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A day in my life week 2

I got behind on these posts due to trying to get some products released and the holidays. But we are back. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and spent time with family and friends. We had a quiet thanksgiving. My husband had to work  (boo) and my parents live out of state (boo). We went to my mother in laws and the kids got to sleep over with all their cousins. So they were excited. We are trying to get ready for christmas. I promise myself every year I will start very early and have my shopping done way before December. That was an epic fail, again. A big (SIGH)! We are so excited though. This year will be so much fun for little Gavin. We can not wait. Enough with the rambling. Take a look at what we have been up to!

We made bracelets and necklaces!

We got silly!

Bath time. (I get crazy with these because I love bath time pictures)

Fun outside!

We watched Tv! (dora)

We play cards a lot!!

of course lots of snack times and eating!

quiet time and nap time!

Dada time!

And of course I always have camera in hand. So here are some randoms!

That is it for now. I know it was a lot. I combined a few weeks together since I have missed with being so busy. I hope you enjoy our crazy but awesome life. Tune in next Monday for week 3 in our life!