Sunday, March 9, 2014

Portrait winner and top 9

Thank you so much to Samantha Photography for guest judging. She had a very tough time as the images were all amazing. You all really blew us away with your portrait images. Sam did an amazing job picking the winner and top 9. The winner will grace the cover photo for the week until the next weeks winner is chosen. Here are a few words from Samantha.

"I simply adore portraits. I love the way a portrait can show such individuality, emotion and expression of the person."

"Portraiture is a window to the soul."

and here is the winning image,

Melissa Lazuka Photography

A few words from Samantha about the winning image,

"The reason I chose the winning image is because, well first her expression is the BEST....I would love to know what she is thinking. I like how it has such a timeless feel to it and the simplicity of it is just gorgeous....It is a beautiful portrait." -Samantha

Top 9 in no particular order, 

Jenn Weis Photography

Lisa Bruins Photography

Nicki Bosch Photography

Bethany Owens

Blissful Maven Photography

Christine Jordan Photography

Heather Robinson Photography

Little Bud Photography

Please join us this week in the theme "hair" that Kate T. Parker photography is guest judging. Post up to 2 images on my wall Reflections  for chance at winning image or top 9. Until next time, XOXO