Thank you all so much for making our first week successful! This project means a lot to me but it means even more to me to have all of you here at 300+ fans in one week. Lifestyle is very close to my heart. It is so important to me to have those special moments captured in your day to day lives. If you have kids or don't it is still something that should be captured. To have all of you to share this passion with is incredible. There is a lot coming to this page. I have tons of plans and projects, guest bloggers, learning segments, and more. I hope to see all of you participating every week. Lets jump right in. There will be one winner every week that will grace our cover photo until the next weeks winner is picked. Then 9 more top features. 10 in total. Please don't take it personal if your image does not get picked. Even the first week was a very tough decision. If I don't pick your image it does not mean your work isn't great or your's was not noticed. I am picking images that reflect the theme well and jump out at me or tell an amazing story. So here they are. 

Winner, I chose this image because it tells an amazing story to me. It looks as if he is sitting there reflecting on some down time. Not to mention the lighting is fabulous. 
                                                                                                        Lisa Elizabeth Images

Top 9, in no particular order

                                                                                                  Amanda Voelker Photography

                                                                                                  Liz Godfrey Photography


                                                                                                  Tesori Photography

                                                                                                    Holly Donovan Photo

                                                                                                      A/Z photography

                                                                                                   Dani Barber Photography

                                                                                                  Pinball Photography

                                                                                                Nicki Bosch Photography