Thursday, June 5, 2014

Inspiration Wednesday...Featured Photographer!

Again, we will be moving in about a week and a half now so I will get back on track and sort out the chaos. Let's move onto this beautiful feature. Today's work is so soft and dreamy. Story telling, fun and playful. Please take a moment to read a bit about Nina of Nina Mace Photography and look at her beautiful work. 

How did you come up with your business name?

I toyed with lots of ideas around my business name but eventually decided on my name as I really am selling me and my style. 

What brought you to photography?

I worked in marketing as a Brand and Marketing Communications Manager for 15 years, and having children prompted a career change. I loved working full time, and had some brilliant adventures & opportunities to travel all over the world (I used to work for a major oil company and look after the Formula 1 Powerboat racing) but I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss out on my kids growing up. I had always been interested in photography, and having my second child (I have a son and a daughter now), prompted me to take the leap into a new career.

What do you like to shoot?

Kids, kids, kids and even more kids! I have photographed weddings, events, and undertaken corporate and commercial work but every time I come back to photographing children. I love to mess around with children, and being able to give parents images of their kids that they love, is very fulfilling. I also like working with couples that are expecting, and then going back to photograph their new arrivals. I like working with babies but prefer to work with babies over 3 months so I can get more expression and smiles from them.  

who is you favorite muse?

My daughter. She is only 4 and incredibly complex already. She can go from complete angel to stroppy teenager in a matter of minutes, and I want to be able to capture all of her different sides, so I can share the photos with her when she grows up. 

What is in your camera bag?

Canon 5diii, 7d as back up. 70-200 2.8 (my favourite lens), 24-70 2.8, 35 1.4, and speed lights. The next lens on my wish list is the 135. 

 What type of camera bag do you rock?

I live in the UK but one of my friends has just bought me back a shootsac from the US. I might just be in love  I also have a lowpro rucksac and a Calumet small suitcase.

photoshop or Lightroom?


Jpeg or Raw?


In three words only how would you describe your photography style?

Vibrant, joyful, bold 

Top 2 favorite photographers and why?

Kate T Parker, for her ability to bring a child’s personality into an image. 

Lisa Lucky for her beautifully clean and colourful editing, and use of light. 

 Favorite season to shoot and why?

Tough question! I photograph mainly outdoors and have learnt to love the seasonal changes we get here in England (its extreme to say the least!!). My clients love Spring, and when the Bluebells are out this time of year is incredibly busy. That said I think I prefer autumn the best, those beautiful warm colours and long golden evenings are my favourite times to shoot. 

what is your non photography related down fall? (example:  chocolate, soda..)

As with most people chocolate but also I tend to pick things up and then bored quickly. I join the gym and then stop going, buy a bike then stop riding, and now my latest hobby is running. I’ve just started the couch to 5k programme and I’m into week 5 – at the start I could run for 1 minute and this week I’m about to run for 20 minutes. I’m really enjoying it, but come back and ask me in 6 months’ time how I am doing ;-) 

What is your most embarrassing moment at a shoot to date?

When I have gotten to the end of the session and realised I have been calling the child the wrong name for 2 hours…over and over again. And the parents were too embarrassed to correct me! I didn’t realise until I got home and received an email from them thanking me for my time photographing Amelia not Emily! 

 What is your one best piece of advice to give someone just starting out?

Even when you are portfolio building, have a view as to what your pricing will be. Although you will be working with these customers at less than your full price (or even for free) it is good if you can convert them into long term customers when your prices do go up. Also if these sessions are with clients who are your target audience, their friends are likely to be, so they can become your clients of the future.

 If you weren't photographer what would you be, any dream careers?

I always wanted to work in TV and it wasn’t for such unsociable hours I would have considered joining a production company as a runner to get started. I went to the X factor this year and chatted to the production manager and thought what a cool job

 What is you goal for photography for the next 3 years?

To continue to build my brand around children’s photography and grow my business to include training for parents with DSLRs. I would also like to do more commercial work for children’s footwear and clothing brands. 

If you would love to continue to follow Nina's work follow her Facebook page here Nina Mace Photography and her website here Nina's website. Go show her lots of love. Until next time, XOXO!