Friday, February 7, 2014

Perspectives winner and top 9

What a great week we had. We had Jennifer of Jennifer Nobriga Photography as our guest judge. The theme was "perspectives" here are some of her words.

I just wanted to say it was so very challenging picking just 10 images total. There were SO many gorgeous submissions that it made it really difficult to stop at only 10!!! I also wanted to say thank you because not only was it an honor to be asked to guest judge, it was also an honor to be allowed to view all of the incredible work that you guys delivered. I was truly blown away. - Jennifer...

I won't keep you waiting. Here is the winning image that Jennifer chose and a few words about it. 

I adore everything about this image, the edit, the perspective, the child in the tub and the curious baby. I actually found myself getting a little teary-eyedpicturing myself as this mother, smiling down at her two little ones with this big heart full of love and caring - Jennifer...

top 9 in no particular order,