Monday, February 24, 2014

Light winner and top 9

Thank you so much for your patience. Sick kiddos yet again. This week was amazing. So many gorgeous images. For those who know me knows I am addicted to light. I love moody light and I love the different ways people use light to their advantages. Please, if your image wasn't chosen this week. It does not mean your image was passed by or I don't enjoy your work. Theres a lot of beautiful images that come in. So it is a very tough choice. Every week I try to pick a variety of styles. The winner will grace our cover photo for the week until the next week's winner is chosen. Lets jump right in. 

without further ado, the winner of this weeks light theme is....Three flowers photography

This image blew me away. So simple but yet so elegant. The use of light is to die for. 

Top 9 in no particular order,

Please join us this week for the theme "flowers" until next time, XOXO