Sunday, February 16, 2014

Environmental Portrait winner and top 9

So very sorry ya'll for being so late. I have been super busy with my kids. swamped with make up work from being out all week with the flu and now my little guy has a bad cold and is so cranky and wants to be held. But here I am now. Lets do this. As you know we had the amazing Summer from Summer Lee Photography as a guest judge and boy did she have her work cut out for her. I am not going to keep you any longer so here are a few words from her and then the winning photo,

It’s one thing to dress in your favorite clothes, travel to a pretty little spot, and open up for someone’s camera. It can be terrifying, but there are still parts of you that are kept private. It’s quite another matter to allow someone into your home, your work, your most favorite of places to photograph you as you are, surrounded by the things that tell your story. You are laying yourself bare for the camera. At heart, I am a people-watcher, an observer, always curious about people and how they live their lives – not from a place of judgment, but from wonder. Which is why I am so drawn to environmental portraits. A portrait of a girl, surrounded by things she has carefully chosen to fill her space will tell you so much about her. An image of an Oma, surrounded by the treasures she has collected over a lifetime will teach you what she holds most dear. Judging this challenge was an extraordinary honor. So much beautiful work was shared. The winning image struck me in particular because the subject chose to only let us in a little. She hid, partially obscured, behind the safety of a lace curtain. We can see her space, but she was still in control of how far she was willing to let us venture into her self. An extraordinary capture by Nicki Bosch, whose excellent eye created an environmental portrait that showed, and hid at the same time. Thank you Amber for letting me be a part of the challenge this week. And thanks everyone for your sharing your beautiful work! Summer

winning photo is.... Nicki Bosch Photography

top 9 in no particular order, 

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A big thank you to Summer Lee for judging this week. Please join us this week for the theme "light" I want to see some moody epic light this week. Post up to 2 (two) images on my reflections page Reflections for chance at winning image or top 9. The winner will grace our cover photo for the week until the next weeks winner is chosen. until next time, XOXO