Friday, January 9, 2015

365/52 winner and top 9...

Wow to the first week. I was not expecting to have so many images come in. I was actually thinking in the beginning I would have to extend the top 10 another week thinking I wouldn't get enough. I am floored at how many are participating. Invite your friends that want to participate. We have a flickr group pool as well as a Facebook group. You are welcome to upload to both groups. Just please if you only upload to flickr and want chance at top 10 feature you have to have your settings on downloads are ok. I had to pass up on a lot on images this week due to me not being able to download them off flcikr. :( If you don't want to change your settings just make sure you upload to the Facebook group as well then. Gorgeous gorgeous images coming in. Thank you all for being here with me and participating. I love seeing everyone's images and being inspired daily. Each week there will be a top 10 I choose and one winning image and top 9 feature. The winning image is nothing else other than either my favorite image of the week or an image that jumped out at me in some special way. These are images that catch my eye, jump out to me or have a unique story. Please, if your images are not chosen don't think I didn't love your images or your work. I love each and everyone that comes through here for their own reasons. It is hard to choose only 10 images amongst so many. Lets move on to so beautiful inspiration.

Winning image...

Ana Rosenberg. 

"I chose this image as winning image because when I saw it I literally gasped. It stopped me in my tracks. not only is she gorgeous but everything about this image is striking. The light, the conversion, the grain. I love how her hair wisps across her forehead. That right there made the whole image for me. Amazing shot Ana."

Top 9 inspiration...

Congrats all. If you want to join us I will leave the links for both groups below. Thank you all. Until next time, XOXO! ~Amber  Privizzini's Passion Photography

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