Thursday, January 15, 2015

365 week 2 favorites

WOW, you all rock my socks. It was IMPOSSIBLE for me to pick only 10. I think this is going to turn into just my absolute favs. Because this is too hard.  You guys are all SO talented. Thank you for being here and participating. It means a lot to me. We are growing by the day. Again I can not grab your photos off of flickr if you don't have your settings so people can download. Two weeks now that I had to pass amazing photos up for feature because I couldn't download them. Each week there will be one winning image and my top favorites. Please, if your image isn't picked it isn't because I don't like your image or your work. Trust me I love ALL of these that's why there's more than 10. It is so hard to choose. Let's move onto the winning image.

winning image...

"WOW, is what first came to mind. This is such a dream full of beautiful light. This image makes me happy instantly and leaves me wanting to know more about this story. Her hair with that amazing orange aglow just makes me sigh. Absolutely fantastic image." ~Amber

Top favorites in no particular order. 


WOW all again with the wow. yes. That is an amazing collection right there. This 365 is the hardest time ever I have had picking tops and I run many pages. There is some SERIOUS talent up in here. WOOT. Congrats all. Thank you for sharing. The new theme for anyone following in b&w. See ya'll next week. Until next time, XOXO! ~Amber