Sunday, February 8, 2015

winner and top 9 {Connection}

WOW you guys. What amazing connection images.  felt the connection in all of them. So many super emotive, powerful images came in. As always, thank you for the continuing support and participation. Share this page with your friends if you think they would like it. Each week there will be one winning image and a top 9 feature. The winning image will grace our cover photo for the week until the next weeks image is chosen. Lets see who the winning pick is this week!

Winning image...

Sweet Magnolia Photography - NY

"I chose this as winning image because it just says so much. So simple yet so powerful. Lovely light and conversion. Great shot girl." ~Amber

Top 9 in no particular order...

Congrats all. Please join us this week for the theme {Smile} Thank you. Until next time, XOXO! ~Amber