Thursday, February 19, 2015

365 top picks!

Well, hello all. Sorry I have been MIA for a few weeks. Things have been a bit crazier than normal. You know, kids, work, just home life in general. The kids have been a handful. We also lost a dear friend. My kids were super close to him. It was a sudden death. We still do not know how he passed. So the kids are taking this very hard. He used to take the kids all over the place, bring them swimming, come visit with hi dog. He was our neighbor for a while until we found our home and the kids were glued to him. Once we moved he continued to stay close with my kids and us. My hubby and him always had a good time sitting out by the fire shootin the breeze. So, needless to say this past week I have had to take time for my kids. They needed me. And before that I have just been BUSY. SO.... I just got a bunch of my favs together that jumped out at me. So here is a huge compilation post of 365's favorites. No winners this post. I just watned to get caught up. Then I will start fresh next Thursday again with one winner and top picks. 

Top picks in no particular order...

Wfew, that was a lot. Congrats all. Thank you for being here with me and sorry for getting behind. Keep all your beautiful images coming. On the flickr page and the Facebook group. I will link both of the groups in. Thank you! Until next time, XOXO! ~Amber