Sunday, May 4, 2014

First thing in the morning winner and top 9!

What an amazing week. Such lovely images. Gorgeous peaks into your adoring lives! I loved looking at each and everyone one of these photos this week. Thank you for letting us have a look into your mornings! The guest judge this week was Nicki of Nicki Bosch Photography. Here are a few words about her judging experience.

"Oh, what a way to wake up this week! I have loved perusing everyone's "first thing in the morning" submissions and getting a peek into each one of your cozy, precious and personal moments. Every day is such a gift and when we reflect on that each day when we rise and consciously take notice of all the little things that mean something to us, it really sets the tone for the day. Don't you think? Each one of these images told a unique story. beautiful job everyone!"- Nicki

Here is the winning image that Nicki chose. 

Here are words from Nicki about why she chose this image as winner. 

"I love the story being told here and totally relate to everything in it. The yumminess of baby's cheerful morning grin, the unexpected surprise of finding a sibling in the crib. The quiet loveliness of a child's room in the morning light. So beautiful. So personal, yet a version of scene that every mother carries in her heart."- Nicki

Top 9 in no particular order...

Please join us this week for the theme "wind" here Reflections. Post up to two image on our wall for chance at winning image or top 9. Winning image will grace our cover photo until the next weeks winner is chosen! Until next time, XOXO!