Monday, June 15, 2015

Winner and top 9 {Texture}

Thank you all for another great week. I loved all the texture images. I am a huge lover of texture in my images. Beth did a great job choosing. 
Each week there will be one winning image and a top 9 feature. The winning image will grace our cover photo for the week until the next weeks winner is chosen. Let's see who Beth Chose for winning image.

Winning image...

"I chose this image as the winner for so many reasons. Composition, leading lines, use of light....everything comes together leading me straight down to the texture of the grass. I can practically feel the grass between my toes. So good." ~Beth 
Top 9 in no particular order...

Congrats all. Thank you to Beth Urban Photography  for guest judging this week. Please join us for the new theme {A day to remember} with guest judge Amy Lucinda Photography. 
Thank you. Until next time, XOXO! ~Amber