Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Inspire, Create, Be YOU

Another week of Inspire. Create, Be YOU. This week we are reading about the lovely Amy of Amy Lucinda Photography. Amy's work is inspiring, emotive and full of light. She uses light so beautifully and dramatically. Please take a few minutes to read Amy's interview.

1. What do you think the most important element is in your personal style? (example. Light, creativeness, perspective, story, emotion, texture, etc. What do you shoot for in your work? And what makes your work YOU?)

I couldn’t have answered this a couple of months ago, but I’ve been studying visual expression so I’m a little bit more aware of my style! I think the most important ones for me are story and light. If I see some beautiful light, I wait for a moment to unfold to capture it. Amazing light can make even the most mundane moments appear beautiful. What we consider to be mundane today might be the sweetest memory once our children are grown up!

2. What makes you tick? What keeps you inspired and pushing to be a better artist?

Capturing my sons’ childhood is my biggest inspiration and I am determined to fill photo books for them to look back on their happy-go-lucky early years. There are days/weeks where I have a mind block and all my creativity goes out of the window, and I think about taking a break. But then I talk to other photographers who are feeling the same and I realize that it’s all part of the journey 

3. Is there anything specific that helped push you towards your beautiful and unique style? And if yes, what was it?

Well I’m flattered that you think I have a style because it’s something that I’ve found hard to recognize and have confidence in! Things that have pushed me to find my style … the beautiful, inspiring work that I see every time I open Flickr, FB or IG, and also learning from amazing photographers in the community. I love visiting galleries and taking ideas home with me.

4.  What is the one thing you would tell others that are trying to break away from their present shooting style to start forming their own unique work and create from their heart?

Be inspired by reading, music, travel. Study artists, old and new. Take lots of images! 

5. We love to shout out to others artists here so if there was one artist who really inspired you to be the best artist you can be and really shoot for you, who would that artist be?

Oh wow, it doesn’t seem fair to mention only one as I’ve met/learned from so many amazing artists on my journey! I have to mention Meagan Dwyer, who is fabulous because she is always on fire!! She captures so many amazing images of her family every single day and is massively supportive to so many artists. She has a big heart! Can I also mention someone who I haven’t really ‘met’ but who has inspired me over the last year to try new things, create from the heart, and shoot for me … The Blissful Maven (Candice Zugich). I think my hubby is happy that she’s inspired me to rediscover my femininity ;) !!

6. We love to see how hard people have worked with then and now's. And inspire other artists and beginners and show them that we all started somewhere. Can you give me a before and after of your very first work to your now work? (Please put in a before and after template if you can, thank you) and tell us a bit about your journey. How long have you been doing photography? When you started what did you want to shoot as opposed to what you shoot now? Most of us end up doing absolutely nothing we thought we would. Example, I wanted to shoot newborns and weddings with a light, dreamy, whimsical feel. My work now is nothing like that. I shoot fine art and lifestyle with a very moody, emotive and gritty feel. How has your style and outlook changed?

I’ve always loved snapping moments since I was a little girl, but I really started to become serious about it when I had my first son. I initially wanted to become a light, colorful, posey family portrait photographer, but I had two very messy, very adventurous sons and so that didn’t really happen ;) Now I’m all about the mood and story, and trying to capture a feeling (and really just any frame I can get because they move so fast!). 

7.  Can you give one thought on how to stay fresh, inspired and moving forward? What helps you?

I visit galleries and follow a range of artists. I also like to try different genres and I love a bit of street photography. I recently visited a different city and left feeling disappointed that I hadn’t got any ‘good’ pictures. But when I got home and uploaded them, there were some of my favorite ever images staring at me! Funny how the artistic brain works ;) 


8. We all want to work on something or change something within our work or joinery. Anything you are working to be better towards?

I will always need to get better at using light. I think I’ve come a long way in the last year, but I know that the images/artists I think are magnificent are the ones that use light in the most amazing way!

9. What are your goals for the next year or two? Getting published, building or find a studio, traveling with your shoots, specific shoot you are trying to pull together? What are you up to?

I’ve already achieved a goal that I set at the start of the year … to be in an exhibition. That was fun, and a bit of a proud moment! I’d love to be published, but I haven’t made any steps towards that yet. A major goal is just to get some images printed! My poor boys see me snapping so often and yet there are only two pictures up on the wall! I’m indecisive.

10. We are huge on encouraging here. Can you please pick one photographer that is just starting out that is super talented, inspiring with not a big following that is trying to get their name out or that YOU think deserves to be seen and known. There are so many out there. Let's give them a little shout out.

I’d love to give a shout out to the fabulous Tiffany of Tiffany Erb Photography. She’s not starting out, but I’d love to see her work getting a bit more love because she is amazing! She captures her family’s everyday from such a unique perspective, and she sees the beauty and magic in things that many people would miss. She really does shoot from the heart.

I hope you enjoyed Amy's interview as much as I did. Please go check out her page and show her some love. Link above. Thank you. Until next time, XOXO ~Amber