Friday, November 21, 2014

Just a tad of inspiration...

We all have dreams, goals and plans. But do we all jump right in? No, we keep saying tomorrow I will do this and tomorrow I will do that. My new goal for the new year is this and the whole year goes by and it never happened. Or you started but never finished or never got to where you wanted to be. So another year goes by and you make a plan again for that year to accomplish your goals and dreams. It is a vicious cycle that traps us all in. We have all been there. I know it all to well. That feeling of wanting something so so badly but never going after it. I kept putting it off and putting it off. Tomorrow is another day. Then that tomorrow it never happens.

What I am getting at here. Is when you have dreams. Go after them. Put yourself all in. Or not in at all. Give it your best shot from the beginning. Be determined. Stop at nothing until you accomplish what you want. Don't let anyone come between you are your dreams. You will only keep craving it and craving it and wanting it more until you throw yourself in head first. Don't be afraid of failure. If you fail its ok, try again. At least you can say you tried. No matter what your dream is. You can do it. Have faith in yourself, believe in yourself. It may not be the first go around. But you will get there. You can do anything you put your mind to. Don't make excuses for yourself. Don't keep promising yourself these things only to break those promises and disappoint yourself. You are the gate keeper to your dreams. So make them happen.

I will leave you with this inspiring quote...

"You've been walking in circles, searching. Don't drink by the water's edge. Throw yourself in. Become the water. Only then your thirst will end."
 -Jeanette Berson

 Until next time, XOXO ~Amber