Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Inspire, Create, Be YOU!

Another week of "Inspire, Create, Be YOU" is here. I love getting to know fellow photographers through these interviews. And of course see their stunning imagery. This week is someone who is super amazing at creating artistic, perfectly, imperfects and just wow'ing you. Her work is very dreamy, soft and artistic. Grab a cup of coffee and sit tight and get to know Anita of My Three Son's Images

1. What do you think the most important element is in your personal style? (example. Light, creativeness, perspective, story, emotion, texture, etc. What do you shoot for in your work? And what makes your work YOU?)

I would have to say light and emotion...or at least that's what I try to go for in my work. Style seems to be something that so many photographers struggle with, including me. But, I would hope that my work comes across as emotive and light filled. Beautiful light can take an ordinary image and make it extraordinary! 

2. What makes you tick? What keeps you inspired and pushing to be a better artist?

I am inspired daily by the little people in my life. That pushes me to be more creative and sometimes think out of the box because there is rarely any posing. Even the bribery doesn't work anymore, lol So, I document their life as they are living it. I am also inspired daily just going through the pages I love on FB. There are so many talented artist/photographers out there.

3. Is there anything specific that helped push you towards your beautiful and unique style? And if yes, what was it?

I have always loved soft focus and oof images. I could never really put my finger on why I was drawn to them so much, I just was. The Freelensing really allows that side of my creativity to show.

4.  What is the one thing you would tell others that are trying to break away from their present shooting style to start forming their own unique work and create from their heart?

First off...listen to your heart. It will guide you in the right direction. It's so easy to let the "other" voices in. The voices that are negative. The ones that make you feel not good enough. Some people may not particularly like what you create....but that's ok. Your art is for you and at the end of the day, if you are happy with it, that's really all that matters. 

5. We love to shout out to others artists here so if there was one artist who really inspired you to be the best artist you can be and really shoot for you, who would that artist be?

One?? lol..well that is going to be hard! Ok, I'm going with two...Kelly Gibbs Akers & Nicki Granata Bosch. They are the girls I go to when I need inspiration, an opinion, advice, a good laugh or just to chat. They are both so talented and supportive. Their freelensing work is insane! 

6. We love to see how hard people have worked with then and nows. And inspire other artists and beginners and show them that we all started somewhere. Can you give me a before and after of your very first work to your now work? Tell us a bit about your journey. How long have you been doing photography? When you started what did you want to shoot as opposed to what you shoot now? Most of us end up doing absolutely nothing we thought we would. Example, I wanted to shoot newborns and weddings with a light, dreamy, whimsical feel. My work now is nothing like that. I shoot fine art and lifestyle with a very moody, emotive and gritty feel. How has your style and outlook changed?

I have been shooting for a little over 4 years. That's how old my grandson is. He's the reason I "needed" a better camera. At first I just wanted to get cute pictures of this baby. Then it propelled into wanting to learn everything there was to learn about my camera and how to use it. I feel like my turning point was learning how to use light and then learning to freelens. Now my work is more light filled & emotive and I hope it tells the story of their childhood. 

7.  Can you give one thought on how to stay fresh, inspired and moving forward? What helps you?

I have been feeling in a slump lately...so that's a good question! I ask my daughter in law, Kelli, to help me! She's always a willing model and is always up for any ideas or locations I might come up with. She loves freelensing images...so we work really well together. 

8. We all want to work on something or change something within our work or joinery. Anything you are working to be better towards?

I would love to work more on my documentary style and I always want to learn more about light and ways to use it.

9. What are your goals for the next year or two? Getting published, building or find a studio, traveling with your shoots, specific shoot you are trying to pull together? What are you up to?

I would really love to be published. I haven't really taken any steps towards this goal yet, but would love to do that in the near future. 

10. We are huge on encouraging here. Can you please pick one photographer that is just starting out that is super talented, inspiring with not a big following that is trying to get their name out or that YOU think deserves to be seen and known. There are so many out there. Let's give them a little shout out. 

Aldona Gucwa Photography.. I don't know that she's new, but she's amazing and I love her work. She definitely should have more people following her. They would love her beautiful work showing up in their feed daily! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about Anita as much as I did. Please go show her lots of love on her page. And join us On Reflections for the theme {Distorted beauty} with Anita as our guest judge. Thank you. Until next time, XOXO! ~Amber