Friday, April 17, 2015

Winner and top 9 {Pocket of light}

WOW, one of my favorite themes.  I am addicted to light. I just love it. Any and all light I can find. Moody m[pockets of light are just amazing though. So fun to play with. I love shadows. There was a lot of inspiration this week. 
Thank you for the continuing support and participation. Each week there will be one winning image and a top 9 feature. The winning image will grace our cover photo for the week until the next's weeks winner is chosen. Lets see what gorgeous image is winner.

Winning image...

"The moment I saw this image I literally just said wow out loud. It is such a powerful, emotive shot. I love the mystery of her eyes being almost all the way covered. I love how dreamy the white wrap looks against the black background. Her freckles are stunning. This processing is just to die for and that light is fantastic. This is such an amazing shot. Perfection." ~Amber

Top 9 in no particular order...

Congrats all. Please join us this week for the theme {Light n dark} Thank you. Until next time, XOXO! ~Amber