Thursday, March 5, 2015

Winner and top 9 picks for 365

You guys are amazing. The end... Each week I will pick one winning image and top 9 picks. I am going back to this because it is more special when you get picked out of a smaller #. It is harder for me but more special for anyone to get chosen out of a lot of images when only a few get picked. And yes there can be more than one image chosen for the same person. If it is in my top 10 favorite than it gets in. So with that being said. This was HARD. Lets see the winning image.

winning image...

 "I chose this image because it just spoke to me immediately. That emotion!!!! Tat processing. That light. SWOON! Amazing images girl." ~Amber

 Top 9 picks in no particular order...

 Page unknown

Wow, stunning group of photos. You all rock. This was hard going back to only 10. But I will stick to it.  Congrats all. This weeks theme for anyone that is following along with themes is {Morning} I will also link the 365 groups Facebook and Flickr at the bottom for anyone who wants to join. Until next time, XOXO! ~Amber 

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