Friday, March 27, 2015

Winner and top 9 {Show me motion}

Beautiful week of images. I had a tough time deciding. I love movement in an image. It adds so much story to it. Makes is interesting. 
Each week there will be one winning image and a top 9 feature. the winning image will grace our cover photo for the week until the next weeks winner is chosen. Lets see the winning image.

Winning image...

"I chose this image as winner because the movement captured my eye immediately. It adds so much emotion to the whole overall image. I love her clothing, the tones and the feel of the image. It stopped me in my tracks. So simple but stunning." ~Amber

Top 9 in no particular order...

Congrats all. Please join us this week for the theme {Environmental Lifestyle} I want to see lifestyle in YOUR home. Thank you. Until next time, XOXO! ~Amber