Friday, April 4, 2014

Fearless winner and top 9

I want to first start off by saying thank you. You all are amazing. You are making this page oh so amazing. I am so happy it is doing so well and people are enjoying the page. I have a lot in store for a lot more than just weekly themes here. I have a guest blogger coming up soon. She will be blogging about her lifestyle journey. I will also be blogging a bit about capturing lifestyle and low light. So sit tight and keep your eyes peeled. Lots coming at you. 

This weeks theme was "fearless" The amazing April of April Burns Photography was the guest judge. Lets hear a bit about what she had to say about her judging experience. 

Wow! The entries for fearless were nothing short of amazing! I am in awe every week of the talent that I see in my newsfeed and I am so glad that we can support and inspire each other to learn and grow within this photography community. When I chose the theme Fearless, I guess I was thinking about how we should all be fearless when we are shooting. We should photograph what makes out hearts happy, think about what we want to remember through each particular photograph. I love the different interpretations of the theme this week! I am such a lover of the outdoors and I also love how freeing it it to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.- April

The image April chose as winner is....

A few words from April about the winning image...

Choosing a winner was so very difficult, I love every image and they all portray such different and beautiful meanings. As I stare at this image I am first drawn to his little belly button, then I noticed his little diaper sticking up out of the top of his adorable striped pants. I am reminded how much I love this age, how much my little one loves striped pants and how his diaper sticks up out of his pajama pants also. As my eyes traveled up my heart sank, the striped pants and diaper disappeared from my  mind, they were not the focus of this image anymore... It is his chest, and I am reminded once again how precious life is and how fearless we must all  be at times...  -April

Top 9 in no particular order...

Please join us this week for the theme "snuggles" with our guest judge Heather of Heather Robinson Photography. Here is her "snuggle" image

Until next time, XOXO